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B Movie Heroes debut CD
Distributed internationally through this website.
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"White Trash"
New EP from
B Movie Heroes
To be released soon.

"Sitting in a
red chair"


New MP3 released 15.10.05

Limited edition B Movie Heroes
Prices INCLUDING post & Packaging-subject to availibility.

CZ 400kc --- EU 20.00euro --- UK 15.00 pounds--- USA 23.00usd-

"Red Cap & Dickies" Direct from the U.S.A. as worn by ...Limp Bizkit, Offspring ,Emenem and  many many more. "Work Shirts are THE hottest street fashion/white trash item in the U.S. and the U.K. at the moment "

High quality shirts with high quality back prints.These shirts are either 60-40 cotton mix or 100% cotton ( depending on color and availability). Each has a backprint-see pics above and a sew on patch which was a workers nametag(see pic). Each shirt is different.