Hello,here is the music delivery service I'm looking for a band for a party.
"And what style would you like?"
I'd like a mix of rock n roll, punk & guitar pop.
....any special requests for a frontman..
."yeah-I need a real wild blonde"
......so give me your address
It's exactly like that.
Liberec B -Movie Heroes is a an extraordinary band bursting with energy, which will satisfy a wide ranging audience.
The melodies which are like good old friends are supported by thumping rythms . Frontwoman Rebecca Eastwood is an elegant rebel similar to Debbie Harry from Blondie ,her fantastic live performances are enhanced by her provocative presence.
The guitars are played by Smejc & Zadrazil (krucipusk) so nobody is surprised by the punk influence, this isn't about adolecent neopunk but about real old school punk in the style of Iggy Pop & the Stooges. "It's the Healthy simplicity of Blondie combined with musical insight which makes B Movie Heroes debut album exceptional".
The song boosted by effects "save me" reminds you of Garbage......the bar song"red chair" is a slow purposefully low budget fun song.
The record was produced by bassist Petr Slavik and Drummer Tomas Marek,they made a huge effort to surprise the listener with each new track. The guitars are sometimes tastily simple especially the intertwining spanish guitar and Pixies like screeching solos in the remarkable song "Friday's my day". I like the attention to detail that the band uses to create an American Image. When you hear a man's voice it's no-one from the band but a native speaker as a guest. In the potential hit "coz I'm the president" they are singing about the Clinton/Lewinsky affair but because of the sound you are arware that you are in Czech! It's not because it's low quality or rushed but it's beautifuly clean and listenable......... like most albums mastered by Milan Cimfe.
B Movie Heroes are grade A among B's -you don't need to be open to modern styles or be an intellectual-just listen and enjoy.
The third track the embarassingly pop single "wake up" is to be understood as something to appease the Czech radio stations-This track wasn't necessary here for me but the other 11 tracks more than make up for it!